happiness is in the air..

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Tomorrow’s world needs environment-friendly, energy conserving solutions and products. With increased global warming and environmental degradation, people around the world recognise that businesses must act responsibly and offer green products to customers.


Evaporating Air Cooling

happiness is in the air..

Air coolers with power saving Fan & Motor

Mr. Breeze air coolers provides state of art designed cooler body for increased air suction & delivery. Tough & Powerful motor to ensure durability & superior efficiency.


  • Water retention for long duration cooling.
  • Smooth & Fine constructed cabinets.
  • So many Models Compatible with Inverter.
  • Remote Control Option you can enjoy convenience.
  • Exclusively with Float valve.

Go Green

We believe an environment-friendly approach transcends commercial considerations and a cleaner environment is the best legacy one can leave behind for future generations. read more