Our Products creates your own personal Micro-climate

Efficient Cooling

Our products are built to be extremely energy-efficient while cooling your environment by up to 10 °C


Humidifies the air, which allows easy breathing, and improves the health of your skin and hair.

Intelligent Technology

We’ve always tried to push the quality of our products by using advanced cooling pads and adapting to technology to make our products more usable.

Designed for you

Easy installation, classic spin and Remote interface, which allows you to regulate the airflow speed, Adjust the temperature and to help you cool off those hot summer days. We’ve built a multitude of these coolers so that you may choose the perfect one as per your needs. They’re all built for power & portability.



We Care

We, at Mr. Breeze, are focused on delivering sustainable and energy efficient solutions. In order to sustain our growth. We are constantly working towards improving our sustainability by implementing green free measures for safety performance, product responsibility initiatives, approach and initiatives for CSR & innovation in raw materials use.