About Mr. Breeze

To provide a real cooling and soothing effect naturally to the mankind we are always to be virtuous. Following praise-worthy steps, Mr. Breeze taking care about creative and innovative designs to manufacture better and cleanly – cool products for domestic and industrial customers in an across the country.


At Mr. Breeze, we have a team of right-minded people to design demand-driven, innovative and clean-leaving engineering products to give a sustainable competitive advantage. We take about the needs of the customer as well we hold the responsibility to provide them a fresh, cooling air with energy conservation mechanism.


With Mr. Breeze, we are committed to render to follow customer relationship, the best in class after-sales service to our valued customers. To maintain this bond of faith we have following services at your end.


  • Mr. Breeze having skilled and experienced team based in more than 50 global positions across the country.
  • Enough stacks and inventories of spare parts are maintained by our authorized service providers.
  • To provide instant service, we have strong and vibrant network, area service supervisors


At Mr Breeze, we are focused on delivering robust and Innovative air cooling solutions :


  • Focussing on design innovation to evolve air coolers for aspirational consumer & enterprise needs worldwide
  • Making constant innovation a norm to sharpen our competitive edge
  • Communicate to build brand equity
  • Communicating our brand values and continuously building on our strengths
  • Brivis continues it’s investment in new product development to create more value in the market
  • Implementing a highly focussed marketing-led consumer engagement strategy
  • Expand our national position
  • We have invested in people and technology to deliver its promise to consumers.
  • Capitalizing on markets by leveraging our asset-light manufacturing model and optimizing our distribution strategy in each region
  • Introducing locally relevant products using global capabilities