Honeycomb vs Aspen Cooling Pads

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The cooling pad material plays a significant role in the cooling. The hot air is first passed through the cooling pads. The cooling pads which already absorbed the cool water are ready to transfer the cooling to the air. The cool air came out of the cooling pads immediately circulated outside with the help of fan. The short summary of differences are listed below in a table. Try our Air Cooler selector to choose right air cooler by answering simple questions without reading any buying guide.
The cooling pads are of two types.

Aspen Cooling Pads

Aspen cooling pads are often referred as Aspen cooling pads as well. Aspen cooling pads are made up of wood shavings and synthetic fibre. They look like almost grass. The most important aspect of Aspen cooling pads is they are much cheaper, very economical. Because of this price difference, the air coolers with Aspen cooling pads are much cheaper. The only problem with the Aspen cooling pad is they need high maintenance. You need to clean the Aspen cooling pads very frequently. Apart from that they are very less durable and you need to replace it frequently. It has observed that Aspen cooling pads are moderately effective in cooling. In other words, Aspen cooling pads are less effective compared to the home comb cooling pads.

Honeycomb Cooling Pads
Honeycomb cooling pads are made of cellulose material. They look like honeycomb so usually, it is referred as honeycomb cooling pads. Honeycomb cooling pads are very effective in cooling and require less maintenance or cleaning. Apart from that, they are very durable compared to Aspen cooling pads. Because of this reason, most of the high-end air coolers uses Honeycomb cooling pads. In general, desert air coolers uses Honeycomb cooling pads for their efficiency of cooling the air at larger scale efficiently. The only con of the honeycomb cooling pads is they are much expensive, this is the reason Honeycomb cooling pads usually used only in high-end desert coolers and not in the low-end personal air coolers. Aspen and honeycombs cooling pads are available in all types of air coolers like personal air cooler and desert air cooler.

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