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  • Check for any loose connections in internal electrical components.
  • While installing the air-cooler, make sure that the earthing is proper.
  • The water pressure to the float valve shouldnt be too high.
  • Make sure to unplug the cooler while performing any maintenance activity.
  • Oiling of pump and motor must be done regularly.
  • If the cooler is not being used for long periods then empty the tank by removing the Drain cap at the bottom and then replace it after draining is complete.
  • Do not use corrosive agents to clean your air-cooler.
  • Clean water distribution pipe / channels / tray for even distribution of water on all sides.

To ensure top condition of your air-cooler pump please follow these steps

  1. Remove the cover of your pump.
  2. Remove the propeller and shaft and clean the dirt.
  3. Oil the shaft properly and replace it in the original position.
  4. Put back the pump cover.

Benefits of Cooling Pad Replacement

  • The life of a cooling pad is for one season only, after that evaporation is reduced.
  • Choking of pads can give bad smell.
  • Choking of pads can breed germs / bacteria.
  • Choking of pads will result in less air delivery.
  • Choking of pads will result in overload on motor, thus causing more power consumption.
  • Sagging pads lead to water throwing & other problems.
  • Yearly change of cooling pad provides optimum cooling.

Note: We recommend preventive maintenance & replacing the pads every year for Optimum cooling.